Saturday, 26 May 2012

More of Stamp Camp

Here is some other creations I made at Stamp Camp. This style card would be great if you want to put a few different things inside. 


What I really like using in this card was the "Summer Illusion" embossing powder.  It is a orangey/copper colour. I used this on the butterfly (which is on vellum) and the words in the third panel.

Circle Flip It Card:
I really like this flip-its style card.  The card was cut using the new Sizzix circle flip-its card die.  (This was already pre-cut for us).  I really like how the card works and would like to make some more, but at $60 for the die here in New Zealand it is quite expensive!  I see that Jennifer McGuire also made some of these cards on her blog recently. Click here to see her amazing card.  I think it can be made without the die too, so I may have to try that, but I am sure that is a lot harder.


I added lots of embellishments to this card - die cut butterfly, ribbon, flowers, etc.

Hidden message card:

This card was made with patterned paper stuck together with jac paper.  The card was decorated with lots of flower stickers from one sheet.
The diagonal parts were cut carefully, to allow the contrasting colour pieces to be slid in and create a hidden part which can be opened up. (Sorry a bit hard to explain here)

Here is the hidden message part. 

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  1. some very interesting cards Angela. I've seen a few of the flip cards about and want to try. I've been experimenting but not too successful so far. Am going to try a circle - got the instructions for a manually cut square card off the 'net so might start there first.

  2. Lovely cards and quite intriguing - the last one looks like a needle case I used to make - well in principle anyway.
    You must have had a wonderful weekend.

  3. Oh so lovely. I'm in love with your first card, amazing colors and that beautiful butterfly!